About the company

EC Group is a company that was established in 2020, so it is a relatively young entity on the market. However, it is being built by people with unearthly energy, charisma, and the ability to make contacts, which translates into rapid development, dynamic growth, and satisfying results.

In the first year of operation, EC Group included Jolywood brand products in its offer, which very quickly became the flagship position, despite the fact that they are not budget products. In 2021, the portfolio was expanded to include cooperation with the Recom brand, which took the European market by storm and quickly won the hearts of the industry.

Since 2022, the catalogue of proposals has also included cooperation with the Hegatech brand, for which EC Group is the exclusive distributor in Poland. This relationship perfectly complements our company’s offer and, at the same time, provides our customers with a much wider selection of products.

The company's core consists of three pillars: Izabela Górska, Marcin Awier, and Zbigniew Pietrzak

Izabela Górska is an English major by education, which is perfect for negotiating contracts and terms and conditions of cooperation with foreign contractors. Although so far she has not been associated with the photovoltaic industry, environmental issues have long been close to her. She pays attention to the composition and quality of the products she buys, tries to reduce the consumption of plastic, and avoids goods that unnecessarily pollute the environment. She appreciates contact with nature. She has found herself in the position of president in the photovoltaic industry very quickly. Her commitment translates into the company’s results and makes it possible to establish new business relationships.

Zbigniew Pietrzak is a trader of flesh and blood. He has been involved in sales for twenty years, he wants to use his predispositions and abilities to leave a “green mark”. Owing to this, he is on the front line in contact with customers. It is he who is responsible for handling orders and their efficient implementation. What is more, such contact with other people is pure pleasure for him. He likes contact with other people. Working from behind a desk is not his dream job, so he enjoys going to meetings, talking, exchanging ideas and inspirations. For Zbigniew, this flow of energy is the fuel for further work and further activities.

Support is provided by Marcin Awier. A civil engineer and constructor by education. Over the years, he has participated in building a variety of successful companies. He now shares his experience in the area of building and developing enterprises within EC Group in order to jointly achieve the success of also this initiative. Activities undertaken in the construction, design, transport, and energy construction industries have given him not only experience, but also knowledge, which he can now transfer to the field of photovoltaics. He likes sailing, which additionally motivates him to take pro-ecological activities and get involved in such projects.